Week 1

In-progress website

Week 2

In-progress website

In-progress website 9-8-16

Week 3

In-progress website 9-13-16

jQuery 9-15-16

Week 4

Bootstrap example

Week 5

Updated Bootstrap example

Week 6

Project 2 description

Example Student Websites

Useful Links

The History of Web Browsers (graphic)

UB File Service – Managing Your Personal Website

w3c Validation Tools

Markup Validator

Web Pages That Suck – Learning Good Design Through Bad Design

CSS Templates

Principles of Graphic Design

Online .ico Converter (for Favicons)

30 HTML Best Practices for Beginners

Setting up TextEdit as a HTML editor


W3Schools Online Tutorials

CSS Tutorial

Dreamweaver Tutorial (pdf)

Dreamweaver Setup Tutorial (pdf)


CSS Cheat Sheet

28 Other CSS Cheat Sheets

Intro to CSS Powerpoint

Photoshop Pocket Guide

Intro to Photoshop

Web Standards Checklist

Misc. Character Codes

SEO Starter Guide

SEO Powerpoint Resource

Principles of Graphic Design

Unicode Character Table