Place des Trois Ormeaux

Rue de Varenne

Go on infinite investigations through the streets and promenades, drift along with your nose in the wind with both hands in your pocket, with an umbrella under your arm, and an open-minded spirit. Walk along with serendipity without pondering where, and without hurrying. Stop in front of stores to regard their images, at street corners to read their signs, by the book stands to touch and smell.

Cours Maribeau

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La Source des Fées, Burgundy


Tucked behind the town hall in the busy village of Vosne-Romanée is the maison d’hôtes of Anne Gros, a modern design that fuses stone, fired clay and ancient oak. Items like the state-of-the-art wood-burner and the modern art add a contemporary edge to this region famous for its traditions.


The French Alps


The regions of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur and Rhone Alps make up the French Alps. They are famous for their ski resorts and stunning scenery and are split into many different areas offering a multitude of activities. The French Alps also offers some spectacular lakes, the largest being Lake Geneva (Lac Leman), Lac d’Annecy and Lac de Bourget.